This Beautiful Creature Must Die:An Alternative to Pokemon Go

Music related news that made us take a ten minute break: The Smiths and PETA teamed up and created this nifty game which features an 8-bit rendering of “Meat Is Murder” while you use rainbow lasers to save livestock from getting slaughtered.

Sounded like a good time, so we had to check it out. But alas, ADD gets the best of us and watching chickens and cows get sliced by a rotary saw into a bloody mess loses its charm after a while. We’d rather get back to making music.

If you haven’t played it yet, you can get it free at PETA’s website. Go here to play it now: This Beautiful Creature Must Die

Here’s the article that led us to the game: 

Overall this game is much better than, say, the NES Nightmare on Elm Street game. Not sure why we thought about that game.

What difference does it make?

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