The Drop


We are getting close to go time. We are now half-way done with the mastering of our upcoming debut EP, ‘Beta.’

There is a lot going on as we chug along. In between the recording, mixing, and mastering, we have been rehearsing sporadically, getting ready to get out there with our music. And by out there we mean a city near you! Videos are in the works and we are very excited to report we will be revealing the album artwork and release date in the coming weeks. So there will be some changes to our social sites and our ‘.com’ website is just about ready to launch. We cannot wait to share the finished work with you!

In the meantime, the demo tracks that are on the internet right now but will be going away with the release of our debut EP. Take a listen to the early versions while they’re still available for streaming.

I know we have been saying it for a few months now on Facebook and other platforms, but seriously, stay tuned for the drop date – sign up for our mailing list here so you don’t miss it! It is so close…. be patient. So patient. For now, we’ll get back to finishing ‘Beta.’



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