Throw back Thursday!

We compiled all the images and videos we could get from our very first show on at Elbo Room on November 21, 2016! We are super grateful to The Radio Broadcast for having us out in support of their Fall Tour. It was great to share the stage with the awesome guys from Arrange For Use and Tell Her You’re Freaky!

Here are some photos of The Radio Broadcast!

the radio broadcast 2 20161120_230231the radio broadcast 8 20161120_230246the radio broadcast 10 20161120_230346the radio broadcast 20161120_230513the radio broadcast 1220161120_230514

Check out the video snippet of The Radio Broadcast Live at Elbo Room on 11/21/16 here!


And here are some photos of Arrange For Use

arrange for use 5 20161120_211146arrange for use 9 20161120_211232arrange for use 620161120_211148

Photos don’t do these guys justice – you have to hear their music! Check out a clip from their live performance at Elbo Room HERE!

And finally here’s two pix of us! (A little blurry. But, we move too much.)

aviatrix elbo room 2 11 20 16aviatrix elbo room 11 20 16

Check out the clip of our performance of ‘Simple Maths’ when it was still an early draft (before we take it down!) ….we’re currently reworking this track for our sophomore EP… stay tuned for the upcoming EP release announcement….

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