synthentral, synth music central!

Shout out to Blair Scott from Synthentral! Thank you for adding us to your podcast!

We are super stoked to see we were featured on the latest podcast episode of Synthentral!

Synthentral is this rad dude who is out there supporting bands and sharing music! Support him too – – check out his show, which features a multitude of genres including Futurepop, Synthpop, EBM, Industrial, Synthwave, Industrial Dance, Coldwave, Electro, Chillwave, Indietronica, Krautrock, Electropunk, Synthpunk, Minimal, and Aggrotech…

Thanx Blair!

and if you want to experience new music in real time with other humans (and are in Chicago or Mexico), come out to one or all of the upcoming events we’re involved in:

**10/01/18 —  Satanic Hispanic is guest DJ at Goblin @Slippery Slope Chicago, IL -bringing you dark wave/minimal wave/witch house/synthwave – Click here for more details!

**10/05/18 — DJ set at our vaporwave vs witch house night – Gloomy Tunes @Underground Lounge Chicago, IL

**10/20/18 — DJ set at our witch house/synth wave night – Black Dust @Underground Lounge Chicago, IL

**10/30/18 — Devil’s Night @LiveWire — our last event in Chicago until we do a mini tour in Mexico – you read that right!

**11/02/18 — Mexico D.F — TBA

**11/03/18 — we’re performing with Vestron Vulture! — at Nodriza Estudios Monterrey, N.L., Mexico

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