not a PSA from your local anything

our time in Mexico is over and we’re back in Chicago! we had an amazing time performing in Mexico with Vestron Vulture, Icomoros, Acid Fader, and Nasty Fingers. Check these guys out – great music to tickle your ears…. and what an amazing group of people who helped us make it happen! we are very grateful for the experience!

and traveling was….well, it was.

.::Tomorrow in Milwaukee:




.::Black Dust is coming up on Saturday November 17 at Underground – we’ll be doing DJ sets with visuals – did you know we do this every third Saturday? you didn’t? well, come out and say hi! grab a drink with us and let’s chat about the benefits of a child-free airline.

.::just announced! we’re super stoked to be on the bill with the following acts:

Psyclon Nine

MXMS (feat. members of Shiny Toy Guns)



this is going to be a fun show – come check it out!

Friday December 21st at LiveWire in Chicago – get your tickets NOW.

VIP tix are available – check out the event page for more details.

45467547_1564971396935782_2483296480765411328_oSo. Click HERE.










And since you’re down here, you might as well click here.




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