Join us this Saturday for an ALL AGES SYNTH NIGHT in Chicago !

With performances by:

Aviatrix on Fire
Baron Von Future
Mr. Underhill

aviatrix on fire @ mestizarte - 02 23 19

:: Idpyramid ::

Idpyramid is the synthwave soundscape project of midwest musical chameleon Dennis Hockaday (ex-Mondo Drag). Idpyramid draws on a variety of sounds to create their own unique style of spaced-out deep groove dance jams, ranging from the minimal early electronic Krautrock sounds of the late 60’s to the synth-heavy dance grooves of 1980’s synth pop.

:: Baron Von Future ::

Bobby Shields is Baron Von Future, a retro futuristic scientist meddling with chiptunes, synthesizers and live drum kit to make a unique and energetic dance party in your living room

:: Mr. Underhill ::

A four-piece gathering, in a quest for intimate horizons.
Be you, me, and us.


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