Hey guys – we’ve been a little lax on updating this website. how shitty of us. We’ve been wrapped up in all kinds of fun stuff. We just shared the stage with the amazing the_boundless, Nevada Hardware, Ronin, and east avenue at Beat Kitchen. Pics and video coming soon. Or if you can’t wait that long, there are some videos posted to the event page – click HERE for that.


We’re doing a DJ/VJ set at Underground Lounge next week. Go to it. We’re spinning stuff we like. We’re curating some crazy, depressing, weird, gloomy animation as well as classic cartoon favorites for our visuals. Bring your eyes and ears.

Check it —-event info ——>>> GLOOMY TUNES: Vaporwave / Witch House / Synthwave


Here are a couple of tracks we remixed to keep that gloom going.

Dirty 666ths

I̷̗̋ † VV ▲ S̸̤̓ Ǔ̴̠ N̴̡̔ E̸̯͝ ▲ R̸̞͝ † Ḧ̴̦ L̷̛̰ Ý 

Crash Collector


Do you copy?

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